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How To Become A Member

Becoming a member is easy.  There are two ways.
  • You can pay $ 5 to become a member and will then be given a membership card.
  • If you are starting volunteering and intend to do more than 16 hours volunteering, then you can request your membership card and will be a full member when it is issued.
You must complete a simple membership application form.  The e-mail address and telephone number are particularly important since we like to keep in touch.  

What Membership Gives You

  • The knowledge that you are helping VTEA to provide excellent services to its special needs children
  • Participation in an active community that creates a lot of happiness and fun
  • The right to be involved in decisions affecting how the Association operates at the Annual General Meeting and at other general meetings that may be called from time to time.  This applies provided you have been a member in good standing for at least 60 days prior to any such meeting.
  • Purchasing arrangement benefits (see below)

Annual Fees

small member card
Membership runs on an annual basis through to July 31 of each year.  You must renew prior to July 31 for the next year to maintain your membership.  If you are a paying member, then the fee is $ 5 each year.  If you wish to be a lifetime member, then the fee for this is $35.  (Tax receipts are issued for all donations over $ 20 and the membership fee counts as a donation.)

In all cases, a new membership form must be completed each year or you must confirm that all physical addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are correct.

In a similar way, membership through volunteering applies only through to the end of the then  current year. As a special incentive this year, if you have completed at least 16 hours in this current year, then you can automatically become a member through to July 31, 2011.  If you will be continuing as a volunteer, then you must confirm this and your profile information.