Our Horses

A very special group of trained therapeutic riding horses assist us with our program. These horses are sensitive to their riders and try to make adjustments to ensure a comfortable ride, whatever difficulties the rider may be having.



Fiona is a 21 year old Fjord. She is considered a pony, and loves her job working with the smaller kids.

She is one of the favorites with her long main and forlock and she nickers for your attention.


Taco (Mr Big) is an 18 yr old Warmblood and comes from a jumping background.  He was one of Eric Lamaze horses.  The kids like to make jokes with his name “Taco Time”.



Julia is an 18 year old Morgan quarter horse cross. She is a barn favourite.

She’s always happy to see you whether you’ve brought treats or are just looking for some cuddles.


Nickers – Happy retirement after 9 years of helping so many ENJOY!!!

Nickers is a 21 year old quarter horse gelding. He is a reliable, steady Eddy, and truly loves his job working with the kids.

You can easily spot Nickers by the brand on his left side, an S and a heart, standing for Sweet-heart.

Nickers’ favourite activity is grazing out in the field with his best friends, and he loves getting treats after his lessons.



Sprite is a registered canadian he is small for this breed. Sprite has some unique markings on his face around his eyes and muzzle. He is an all around walk/trot/canter horse helping our independent riders to progress and he loves cross poles.



Rosie is a 19 year old paint mare. She loves everybody she meets and her motto is always “the more the merrier.”



Salee (R.I.P)

Salee is our resident retired horse, although she still enjoys an occasional grooming lesson. Salee has put in many years at Valley and is enjoying her well-earned relaxing retirement. Sadly we had to say goodbye to this sweet girl it was time for her to pass over the rainbow bridge. Where she will be running free. You will be greatly missed

T.C. or Tardy’s Choice

T.C. is a 25 year old quarter horse, and is Valley’s newest team member.

T.C. has a “been there done that” attitude and is fitting into the program nicely.

Titan therapeutic horse


Titan is a 19-year-old standard bred, who has had a long racing career. He is now a welcome member of our team of horses.

Whyatt Erp

Whyatt is a 20 yr old chestnut and white Paint. He comes to us for an easy work load. He is one of our lead line and walk/trot horses. He has a very fast trot and likes to go.

Jody Wood & Whatson


Whatson is one of our biggest horses, with one of the sweetest temperaments. He has a puppy dog personality, and frequently finds a way to become a volunteer and student favourite.


Valley Therapeutic Equestrian Association has a team of horses who are selected for their suitability for therapeutic work with clients who are not necessarily “horse people.”  In an EGT session horses are regarded as equal partners in the therapeutic process and are treated with dignity and respect as per the National Association of Equine Facilitated Wellness.