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The following links provide ways of gaining further information on therapeutic riding for the disabled and on horses in BC. The following sections are covered:

Financial Assistance

If a parent cannot afford therapeutic riding lessons, they may be able to get financial assistance. Some possibilities include:

Canadian Tire Jumpstart program works with community organizations to form local Chapters that identify and approve the children who receive support. If you would like to apply for your child to receive support, Canadian Tire Jumpstart accepts applications from eligible families twice per year during the last 2 weeks in January and the first 2 weeks in June.

President’s Choice® Children’s Charity helps families with a child with a physical or developmental disability who is 18 years of age or under. Grants can help with mobility equipment, an environmental modification or therapy.

The Sunshine Foundation is the only Canadian charity to provide individual dreams to children with severe physical disabilities (such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy) as well as life-threatening illnesses. In fact, 80% of Sunshine Kids are challenged by a severe physical disability.

Variety, the Children’s Charity – Individual Grants provides financial assistance for children who have special needs. They help with the costs of a wide range of equipment, therapies, and educational, social and recreational programs.

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For New Riders:

For more information about signing up new riders visit How to Apply-Become a Rider.

For New Members:

  • Membership Application Form (pdf)

For more information about membership visit How to Apply-Become a Member.

For Volunteers:

For more information about volunteering visit Get Involved – Volunteer.

For Donations:

  • CanadaHelps.org website
  • Charitable Registration Number: 11928 0824 RR0001

For more information about donations, visit Get Involved – Donate.

To view a pdf, you will need Adobe Reader. You can download it at the Adobe Download website.

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Therapeutic Riding Associations

BC Therapeutic Riding Association BCTRA promotes the use of the horse for therapy, sport and recreation for people with disabilities in British Columbia, Canada.

Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association (CANTRA) is the Canadian Therapeutic Riding Association, providing support to individuals and groups through education, certification, insurance coverage, communication and accreditation.

Equestrian Canada Équestre includes all equestrian disciplines practiced by people with disabilities. Many disabled athletes are capable of competing in able-bodied Equine Canada competitions, which often involves the use of specialized supportive tack or compensatory aids.

American Hippotherapy Association Inc. (AHA, Inc.) promotes the use of the movement of the horse as a treatment strategy in physical, occupational and speech-language therapy sessions for people living with disabilities.

North American Riding for the Handicapped Association since 1969, the NARHA has provided Equine Assisted Activity and Therapy (EAAT) programs in the United States and Canada through its network of nearly 800 member centers.

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Associations for the Disabled

BC Coalition of People with Disabilities (BCCPD) For over 30 years, the BCCPD has been a provincial, cross-disability voice in British Columbia. Its mission is to raise awareness around issues that affect the lives of people who live with a disability.

Citizens for Accessible Neighbourhoods (C.A.N.) is a non-profit society promoting universal access to infomation, buildings, public spaces and adapted sports. Accessibility issues, spotlights, info on local events and contact details.

ConnecTra is a connecting agency, linking people with disabilities to activities and programs that will, over time, allow them to gain confidence and become more active and involved in community life.

BC Disability Sports is a leading non-profit organization promoting awareness of sport and recreation of British Columbians with disabilities.

Developmental Disabilities Association (DDA) provides over 50 community-based programs and services for children, youths, and adults. The Developmental Disabilities Association not only strives to enable people with developmental disabilities to reach their full potential, but also is one of the largest daycare providers in the Lower Mainland.

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Others Who Connect with Horses

There are many others around the world who are involved in similar work and this is a partial list of some of the leaders in the field:

Eponaquest was founded by author Linda Kohanov who has become an internationally-recognized innovator in the field of Equine Experiential Learning and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy. (Arizona, US)

The Fortune Centre of Riding Therapy runs the Further Education through Horsemastership course which is an innovative way of improving basic and living skills for young people with learning difficulties. (Dorset, UK)

Jay O Jay is the celebrated horseman who helps riders get naturally connected with their spirited horses. (Langley, BC, Canada)

Human-Equine Alliances for Learning (HEAL) works with horses and humans to facilitate healing, psychotherapy and learning. (Washington, US)

Chris Irwin inspires and facilitates his students to learn how to harness their inner horsepower through ongoing workshops in Equine Assisted Personal Development. (Alberta, Canada)

Equine Studies Institute A paradigm shift in horse training….  The Australian Equine Behaviour Centre is the most internationally recognised horse training and behaviour modification centre in Australia. The AEBC initiated and continues to improve its simple, logical system for training horses that is today applied by many of the world’s best riders and trainers. (Victoria, Australia)

Eagala The Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association is dedicated to improving the mental health of individuals, families, and groups around the world by setting the standard of excellence in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. (Utah, US)

Reins of Change Experts in providing quality mental health services, personal growth and educational opportunities for people, utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and the EAGALA model. (Illinois, US)

Mary Ann Simonds Mystic Horse Enchanting products for animals and their people. Home site of Mary Ann Simonds, reknowned equine ecologist and behaviorist. (Washington, US)

Rancho Bosque Situated in a verdant mesquite grove, a feeling of serenity flows over visitors and horses alike when they enter the “ranch in the woods”. In this unique environment, embracing the principles of horsemanship entails a personal journey of growth that leads to self-awareness and transformation. (Arizona, US)

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Horses in British Columbia

Horse Council BC (HCBC) is a membership-driven not-for-profit association representing the interests of the equine industry in all sectors throughout British Columbia.

Equestrian Canada Équestre is an extensive infrastructure of professional staff, volunteers with lifelong experience in the horse and sport industry, competition organizers, provincial partners, affiliated national organizations and members. Working together, they provide programs and services for the entire Canadian equine community.

Circle F Horse Rescue Society is a registered nonprofit, charitable organization that cares for horses and, when ready, adopts them out to appropriate homes. All horse care and organizational matters are provided by volunteers.

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Other Horse Services

Gaitpost Magazine provides equestrian news, articles, veterinary tips and horses for sale.

Equine411 is the largest online horse industry and equine directory of businesses and stallions in Canada, the United States, and around the world.

Happy Horseback Saddles sells Barefoot treeless saddles in Canada.

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